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MYOG Freezer Bag and Pot Cozy

July 12, 2012 Leave a comment

A while back our local Lowes had a roll of Reflectix on sale so I picked some up to make a few cozies for our pots and a couple of envelope style that would hold our freezer bag meals. I also made a bowl / cup out of one of the Ziploc 2 cup containers.

I must say these all work exceptionally well. they really hold the heat inside. Construction and working with the Reflectix is very easy. It is flexible but will still maintain its shape, it can also be cut with scissors or a razor knife with ease. I’m not going through the step by step instructions on these because there are so many out there. However if anyone has a request to see the step by step instruction let me know and I could do that in the future.

The first item I made was the freezer bag cozy. I made them a little oversized so I could fit 2 meals inside. I thought it would save some weight by only having 1 with us or 2 when we have the kids, plus keeping both bags together in one cozy should help keep the heat. I plan to make another one smaller for solo cooking, that will be about the size of a quart size bag. Construction was as easy as could be, I measured the bag size based on the outline of a gallon size ziplock bag. Don’t forget to add enough length that can fold over to form the cover. I attached velcro to keep the lid closed. The cozy comes in at 12″ x 12″ and 3.3 oz

I also made a few pot cozies. these are made by First cutting the Reflectix at the hight of the pot to create the sides and then cut the bottom out to size and tape them together. I like to use duct tape on the inside but the aluminum tape on the inside. I have also made a lid for each one in the same way.

Here is a version I made a version for our walmart grease pots. it comes in at 5.35 oz with the cozy and the grease pot.

My latest cozy project involved a 2 cup Ziplock container with the screw on lid. I created this to be used as a bowl or cup. I made the bottom portion of the cozy the same way I made the pot cozies above. What i did different with the lid is actually glue a small piece of Reflectix cut to fit into the indent of the screw on lid. The cup weighs in at 1.4 oz alone. The cozy adds 1.0 oz for a total of 2.4 oz. I can say that it works great, I used this cozy on our last trip. It was not that cold out but everything we put in it stayed hot.

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Backpacking Breakfast

July 11, 2012 Leave a comment

On our last hiking trip I think I may have discovered a new favorite backpacking breakfast. I know a lot of people skip this and go with pop-tarts or some kind of breakfast bar but I really like to have something hot when I wake up on cool mornings.

This recipe is something we actually stumbled onto by accident, with some things we already had when preparing for our last trip. We had several packages of plain instant cream of wheat. I personally am not a huge fan of non-flavored cream of wheat so I started looking for ideas of what to add to it. We had recently revived an order from Minimus and one of the things we got to try were the individual honey packets and I thought that sounded pretty good. We had also just made a stop at REI for a few items when we decided to try the Just Stawberries brand freeze-dried strawberries. They are expensive but they taste awesome!

I put it all together and happened to be pleasantly surprised with the results.

I boiled water for 2 packets of cream of wheat and added them to my DIY 2 cup ziplock bowl w/ cozy ( I’ll post the review of it later), at the same time I added one packet of the honey and a hand full of the freeze-dried strawberries. I let it sit for a few minutes while I got the coffee ready and it was ready to go.

It comes out to about 300 calories for the breakfast at about oz 3.1oz